Good Food, Good Movies, & Good People. (Is It Christmas Break Yet?)

There sure was a lot to be thankful for last week!

Kevin and I headed down South (technically it was just farther South, I guess, since we already live in the Southeast) to see both the Swindle and Keller clans, and enjoyed hanging out with family in Atlanta as well as traveling to Birmingham on Thanksgiving Day to see some of my extended family.

Highlights of the week included:

  • Delicious food, of course. In addition to a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch at my aunt Mary and uncle Larry’s house in Birmingham (featuring the famous Granade family rolls, homemade dressing, and a delightful brussels sprouts casserole, among SEVERAL other amazing dishes), our week included a trip to a Buford Highway Korean restaurant (named Don Quixote, naturally) for lunch with my dad. We feasted on kimchi chigae and bulgogi and desperately missed having access to a place like Buford Highway.
  • I finally got to meet my adorable newest cousin, Jackson! He was born in April of this year and is just as sweet as I knew he’d be. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his inaugural Thanksgiving.
  • Kevin and I saw two movies last week: Lincoln (with my family) and Life of Pi (with his). Both were wonderful (I highly recommend them) and were jam-packed with amazing visuals and great casts. (Bonus: Look for the now grown-up kid from the 1985 Harrison Ford movie Witness to make a cameo in the first five minutes of Lincoln. He still looks just the same.)

Now it’s time to get excited about (and ready for) Christmas! (And time to try my hand at some replicating some more Korean recipes in our kitchen…)

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