New York City, Here We Come! (Now What Should We Do?)

Next weekend, Kevin and I will be flying off to the Big Apple to join my parents, my sister, Susan, and her fiance, Marty, for a fun-filled (albeit short) weekend excursion. While my parents take care of some business-related ventures on Saturday, us four young folk have a few hours to explore the city, and we’re trying to come up with a list of super-awesome things to do.

And so, I’m enlisting your help, blog readers (particularly those who live in/have lived in NYC, or who have visited recently): help us create our itinerary!

We definitely want to go to High Line Park, and I’d love to try a Magnolia Bakery cupcake (truth be told, I’ve wanted to try one ever since seeing the SNL short “Lazy Sunday” a few years back).

We’re thinking a visit to Central Park as well as a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge both sound lovely, too.

Of course, MoMA never disappoints, and catching a show at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade doesn’t sound half bad.

What else should we add to the list of potential itinerary items? Send ’em my way, friends. (I just wish we were going to be in the city longer!)

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