Alice in Santiagoland

In the summer of 2006, I cashed in many frequent flier miles in exchange for a ticket to Santiago, Chile, to explore the South American city with my good friend, Amanda, who grew up there as a missionary kid.

I had a wonderful time devouring empanadas, checking out Pablo Neruda’s digs, and celebrating my 21st birthday in such a beautiful country.

Another treat was a visit to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, where we stumbled upon a photography exhibit of images from Alice in Wonderland. I was captivated by these photographs, and by the clever way the artist had made what was a two dimensional image suddenly (and literally) burst from the page:

Unfortunately, at the time I neglected to note the creator’s name.

Several times in the last six years I’ve recalled the charming photos and spent a bit of time trying to figure out the artist’s name, but hadn’t been persistent enough (or had any luck) until last week. It turns out the man behind these images is Abelardo Morell, a Boston-based photographer who is Cuban by birth. Mystery solved!

(Sadly, the prints are far out of my price range, but if you would like to order some there’s contact information on Morell’s site.)

Here’s to good art and great memories!

3 thoughts on “Alice in Santiagoland

  1. What an awesome way to spend your 21st, Anna! Now I want to visit Santiago. Idea: I think you should write more about your travel experiences. I like how this post focuses on just a sliver of your time in Santiago. We get the flavor of the place through a specific piece of that place. Also, I want to hear more about all the great places you’ve seen.

      1. Yes! You’ve been all over, lovely lady. It’s time to give us the curiouser and curiouser take on your globetrotting finds. 🙂

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