curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 36 (Virtual Preschool With Jamie White Of Play To Learn Preschool)

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Jamie White — or “Ms. Jamie,” as she’s known at our house (and in thousands of homes around the world) — is practically an honorary family member at this point. She’s the amazing teacher at Play To Learn Preschool, which once was an in-person only preschool offering in Northern Virginia that has since expanded into a virtual platform in response to the pandemic.

Our family discovered Play To Learn Preschool thanks to my sister, Susan, who’s a 2nd grade teacher in South Carolina, and we are so grateful! Maggie’s been out of her traditional preschool since March, and so this has provided much-needed routine as well as enrichment for her over the past few months. (And good news — registration for Winter Virtual Preschool is open now if you want to sign up!)

For this episode, I got to chat with Jamie to learn more about her background and what led her to move her preschool to an online platform this past spring. She shared about how Play To Learn has taken off (it’s used by families worldwide!) and she talks about the format of the program for interested parents.

Perhaps my favorite part of this interview — and a special new component — is that Maggie hopped onto our Zoom call and got to “interview” Ms. Jamie as well. She was SO excited to get to talk to her beloved teacher, and you can hear that adorable portion of the podcast toward the end of the episode.

You can learn more about Play To Learn Preschool via their website or Facebook page.

Okay, ready to talk virtual preschool with Ms. Jamie? Here we go!:

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