Holiday Gift Guides 2020: For Toddlers (Maggie’s Favorite Things)

Yesterday I published my “For Her” holiday gift guide, and today is all about the kiddos! Just like with my gift guide, this one is a collection of products we love at our house for Maggie. (There are two items we don’t currently own but that are part of her Christmas list, and I’ll note those below!)

Maggie is 3.5 and loves hands-on activities, including crafts, games, cooking, and baking, so you’ll see lots of those interests reflected in this gift guide. Also, as with my “For Her” gift guide, this was intentionally created to include gifts at lots of varying price points. I hope that this guide will prove to be helpful and inspirational if you have a toddler in your life who you’re looking to buy a gift or two for this holiday season!

Let’s dig into some of Maggie’s favorites, shall we?:

Modern Piggy Bows and Clips: I’m completely obsessed with Modern Piggy’s selection of bows and clips for Maggie, and virtually her whole hair accessory collection at this point is Modern Piggy! I especially love their oversized hand-tied bows for Maggie, along with the adorable hair clips. Oh, and don’t forget that you can use the coupon code CURIOUSER at checkout to save 10% on every single Modern Piggy order you place. Yay!

The Jellies: Ready for a downer? Often, makeup and skincare items aimed at kids (like kids’ face masks, lip gloss, and lotions) is made of not-so-great ingredients. (The same is true for adult products, but somehow it seems even more offensive when it comes to kids.) That’s one of the many reasons I’m a Beautycounter consultant — to help educate people about the personal care industry so they can make better choices. One of those better choices — and one your kiddo is guaranteed to love — are these Jelly lip glosses. (Maggie is SUCH A FAN of these!) You can grab a set of five and put a couple in her stocking now, then save some for Valentine’s Day and/or Easter gifts in early 2021! P.S. Through November 29 these Jellies are 15% off — along with everything else on the Beautycounter website (and all orders of $50+ ship free)!

Zulay Kids Knife Set: If your child is like mine, they love helping out in the kitchen whenever possible. (And involving them in food prep is so great for their development and for their willingness to try a variety of foods!) We grabbed this kids knife set a few weeks ago and Maggie adores having her very own knives that she can use to chop veggies, prep and cut a PB&J, and more. Because they’re made just for kids, we don’t have to worry about her accidentally getting cut, so this is set is a huge win!

Little Passports Subscription Box: Maggie was gifted a Little Passports subscription for her birthday back in March, and it’s always the happiest day at our house when her new Little Passports box arrives each month! Each month’s box has a new theme (international food, landmarks around the world, etc.) along with information and activities that coordinate with the theme. Right now, use the code GIFT to save 20% on your purchase, and activate Rakuten to get 2% cash back as well!

Kiava Kids Striped Leggings: I included the corresponding adult-sized leggings in my “For Her” gift guide so you can match with your little one (which is what Maggie and I love to do!). We’ve had a single pair of these leggings for Maggie for 18 months now and they still fit and have held up so, so well. She loves wearing them just to play in (great for the park!) or for doing yoga.

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat: Speaking of yoga…this mat is SO perfect for little ones! Maggie got one for her birthday in March and loves that she has her very own mat to use for Cosmic Kids Yoga (highly recommend!) on YouTube.

Bobo&Boo Plant-Based Toddler Dinnerware: This is something I included in blog post several months ago with safer toddler dinnerware options, and (finally!) Maggie will be getting some of these for Christmas. So many kids’ dinnerware options contain plastic or melamine, and I want to get away from that as much as possible just to keep things safer at our house. Plus, I love that these plates, bowls, and cups are all dishwasher and microwave safe (because easy is also the name of the game over here!).

Melissa & Doug Disney Responsibility Chart: This has been very well received by Maggie, and has encouraged some great new habits for her, such as taking her dishes to the sink after every meal. (“It’s on my responsibility chart!”) I like that you can customize the chart for your kiddo and it can grow along with them as they’re able to take on more responsibilities around the house.

Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle: It can be hard to keep our kids hydrated, and this great water bottle helps with that for sure — especially on the go. It’s easy to take along to the park or on other outings and not worry at all about it leaking. Plus, since it’s made of stainless steel (versus plastic) I also feel good about it from a safety standpoint.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game: This is a favorite board game for us, and I love that it incorporates so many great skills for toddlers including counting, colors, hand/eye coordination, and even strategy. Plus, it features a squirrel (we named ours Cody), which — fun fact — just so happens to be my favorite animal!

Mary Ruth Kids Multivitamin Gummies: It’s easy to get your kids to take their vitamins when they’re as delicious as these are, but you get the added bonus of feeling really great about what’s in them, too. I have an Amazon Subscription set for these so a bottle arrives automatically each month. Easy! (We pair them with this probiotic.)

Athleta Girls Face Masks: I bought Maggie one of these mask three-packs just before our trip to visit my sister-in-law and her family in Washington State, and Maggie LOVED them. She wore them for hours on end during the flights without a single complaint. They’re cute, breathable, and I especially love that they have adjustable ear straps.

Kids Apron: Maggie was gifted this apron for her birthday this past March, and every time we bake together she’s quick to get both her apron and mine for us to put on. It’s so adorable, and helps her feel even more grown up and ready to help in the kitchen!

Piggy Paint: Looking for a safe-for-kids, non-toxic nail polish option? Piggy Paint is a great one! It comes in tons of fun colors, and although it doesn’t last all that long, it’s easy to apply and you can feel good about your kiddos using it over and over again.

Generation Mindful: This is the other item on the list that we don’t yet own, but I’m so excited to bring some of these elements into our home. Generation Mindful makes tools to help kids get in touch with and regulate their emotions, setting them up for emotional success as they get older. What an important mission!

GoMacro Kids Bars: There’s nothing Maggie loves to eat as a snack more than a bar, and this is the preferred brand at our house. They’re the perfect size, made of good ingredients, and she loves that they’re just for her! Maggie’s favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum!

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