curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 40 (The Importance Of Music In Child Development With Nancy Kopman)

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I was introduced to Nancy Kopman via the virtual preschool Maggie and I discovered in 2020 when she was home from school. (You can listen to Jamie White of that virtual preschool and me chat more about what that looks like in this podcast episode, in fact!) Nancy is the music teacher of virtual preschool, and Maggie and I always get so excited when it’s music time. Nancy’s songs are fun to sing in the moment, and they’re also ones that I find myself singing to Maggie often in other parts of our day, whether to help get through a difficult moment or just to have a moment of shared joy and connection.

I was thrilled Nancy agreed to chat with me for this podcast episode, and I loved learning more about her background and what makes the work she does — helping children learn, feel, and grow through music — such a wonderful fit for her. Anyone with young children will benefit from listening to this episode, and be sure to spend some time listening to her music afterward, too — with your kiddos, of course! Here’s a link to her website, and you can also find videos of her singing her songs on her YouTube channel. On the go? Search for “Nancy Kopman” on Spotify!

Okay, ready to hear Nancy talk music for kids? Here we go!:

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