Our Family Is Growing!

We have some big family news to share:

I’m pregnant!

We’re SO excited to be adding a new member to our family next year. I’m currently 12 weeks along, and our due date is Valentine’s Day. (Isn’t that fun?)


It’s been really special to learn this happy news during such a strange time in our world. Talk about a welcome bright spot!

Boy or girl…? We found out a few weeks ago! Check out this video (a little gender reveal we did with our families — some in-person and some virtually) to see what we’re having:

Maggie is beyond excited to be a big sister, and we talk about the new baby every single day. She talks about what she’ll do to help out, what she thinks she’ll love most about her new role, and she is constantly supplying very, um, unique baby names. (Today’s suggestion: Keenkeen.)

She’ll be just about 4 when the baby is born, so she really will be able to help out in many ways.


Being pregnant during a pandemic is proving to be so very strange, and things are much different this time around for several reasons. I’ve felt worse physically (I’m super tired, which was the case with Maggie, but I’m also queasy all day most days, and the queasiness gets worse as the day progresses), and then there’s the isolation element we’re all experiencing. Kevin brought up the good point that now, since most of my go-to foods don’t sound appealing, wine and cocktails are off the table, AND we rarely interact with other humans, a lot feels lonely and different about this time.

More about that, I’m sure, BUT I’m also always reminding myself that this is obviously such a wonderful season, too, and lots of the “just us” time and slowed-down pace has been really sweet and just what I need right now.

I shared several months ago that we weren’t quite sure what the future held for our family as far as growth. We were content as a family of three, and now we’re thrilled to be adding a fourth member. I like that none of it feels rushed or forced. Instead, all of this feels like it’s unfolding at the right speed for us, which makes me feel so at peace about it all.


Eek — we’re having another baby!!!

P.S. If you’re newly pregnant and are searching for some pregnancy announcement ideas (for your partner, your older kiddos, close family, and social media), check out some fun ideas I put together for Zulily here! They might provide some inspiration…

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