curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 33 (Meeting Earth & Star Functional Mushroom Founders)

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Mushroom coffee might be something you’ve heard about in recent months or years. You’ve heard that there are lots of wonderful things about it, you just haven’t quite pulled the trigger on trying it (because mushroom coffee sounds like it might not taste great…)

Or maybe you’ve tried it for yourself and experienced some of the benefits of functional mushrooms for yourself! Personally, I’ve been using Four Sigmatic products for a few years now and love how easy it is to make mushrooms part of your daily life.

That’s why I was so excited to get to chat with the two women behind a new functional mushroom coffee brand, Earth & Star, about their company — and to dig even more into what makes these fungi so very special.


Friends and long-time business partners Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss founded Earth & Star, which makes the first ready-to-drink (no mixing required!) functional mushroom coffee beverages. With plant-based flavors like Cacao Chocolate Oat Milk Latte and Vanilla Oat Milk Latte — that don’t include weird fillers or any sneaky ingredients you wouldn’t want to be ingesting daily — they’re pretty hard to resist. Oh, and they use oat milk versus almond milk both to help make these drinks accessible to those with nut allergies and to minimize the environmental impact of their brand, since almond milk production requires a large amount of water. I love how thoughtful they’ve been about all aspects of their brand.

Their goal is to make it incredibly easy to get mushrooms into your diet each day without having to change much behavior. Just replace your coffee with one of their delicious options and not only will you get your caffeine fix, you’ll also be benefitting from the amazing qualities of mushrooms (which can include increased mental focus, an energy boost, immune system strengthening, a stronger sex drive, and more).

Check out this episode to hear them talk more about this business: how and why it came to be, what to look for when you choose mushroom products in general, how the pandemic has impacted their brand’s launch, and more. I think you’ll love meeting these ladies. I certainly did!

(Oh, and they have a healthy living podcast, too: Highway to Well. Check it out here if you’re interested.)

Ready to hear from Zoe and Erica of Earth & Star? Here we go!:

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