Friday Favorites (August 14, 2020)

It’s Friday, and IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

I actually kept forgetting my birthday was coming up, which is a common occurrence with me in adulthood. (Anyone else?) I think it’s because grown-up birthdays can feel decidedly weird and also anticlimactic all at once. And then layer on the pandemic piece, which really limits what we can do to celebrate today, and it kinda feels like a normal Friday. BUT, there will be cake. 🙂

But anyway…since it’s Friday I thought I’d share a few favorites! Here we go:

  • This summer corn chowder is SO GOOD! I used Trader Joe’s frozen fire-roasted corn to make prep incredibly simple, and all three of us loved the final product. This is one that would be great to double so you have some to throw in the freezer, too.


  • After being very hesitant to try a safety razor, I was intrigued by Leaf Shave‘s take on the safety razor. Leaf razors have three blades, along with a flexible head that makes the shaving experience really similar to that of more traditional razors. They’re pricey up front (I got the starter bundle in silver), but the idea is that you save BIG over time, because: 1) the razor comes with a lifetime warranty and 2) you save LOTS on the razors versus buying traditional cartridges (not to mention help the environment by eliminating plastic parts from your shaving routine). I’m a huge fan of my Leaf razor, and highly recommend them! Oh, it’s also beautiful, and they’re designed to work for men and women — no weird different versions based on gender. (Because booooo for a pink tax, right?)

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.48.24 AM

  • I think I’m going to put together a blog post on books I’ve loved recently, because I’ve been reading a TON (which has been great!). One of the books I just can’t stop thinking about is Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I listened to the audio version, which made it even better because I got to hear the author read her own work. I feel like all women should read this book. Heck, I had Kevin listen to so many of the essays/chapters, too, so maybe just everyone should read this book! If you’ve read it, too, I’d love to hear if it resonated strongly with you as well.


Happy Friday, friends!

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