curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 32 (Facing Food Allergies In Kids With Sarah Shinsky)

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I was so excited to connect with my friend Sarah for this latest podcast episode. I’ve known Sarah for almost a decade, and so I remember when her now 7-year-old daughter, Lana, was born. A few months after she was born, Lana was diagnosed with food allergies — a LOT of food allergies, and I remember that happening, too. In the years since that diagnosis, I’ve watch Sarah manage that challenging situation with grace and patience and an open mind. She’s done an incredible job making life when it comes to food as normal as possible for Lana (and for her son, Nolan, too), and I have so much respect and admiration for Sarah.

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Now, Sarah has created a new resource, Facing Food Allergies, to help share some of the amazing tools she’s developed over the years (recipes, resources, advice on handling situations like school lunches and birthday parties, and more). Facing Food Allergies is also meant to be a connection hub for other families with food allergies, helping to remind people that they aren’t alone in this journey. Sarah has felt very alone through much of her experience with Lana’s allergies (Lana has, too), and so creating this was a way to combat some of that loneliness. Right now, Facing Food Allergies exists as an Instagram account, but Sarah hopes to one day incorporate a website component, too, to help make the resources and community portion even broader.

For this episode, we chatted about the Shinsky family’s experience with Lana’s allergies through the years and we also dug more into Facing Food Allergies. If you’re someone who has a child with food allergies, or if you know someone who this might be helpful for, I know you’ll enjoy this episode.

Ready to hear Sarah talk about facing food allergies? Here we go!:

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