Friday Favorites (April 17, 2020)

Temperature check: Hanging in there?

All is well at our house, although I have to admit we’ve started to go a bit stir crazy for the first time since this all started. It’s settled down, but all of us were a little testy and over it at points this week. I can’t get over how strange all of this is, either, and what it’s going to be like when we reflect back on this time down the road.

In the meantime, we’ve been doing our thing, which consists of lots of walks, playing outside when we can, baking a ton, trying to drink enough water, definitely drinking enough tequila, Pure Barre virtual classes for me, definitely screen time every day, lots of books, frequent calls with family and friends, etc. Most of the time, life is pretty good these days, and I continue to be thankful I’m stuck with people I love so very much!

I pulled together a few favorites for this week I wanted to share, but first, a quick reminder: Mother’s Day is coming up soon! It’s on May 10, so it’s just over three weeks away at this point. If you’re interested in getting any Beautycounter skincare, makeup, or bath/body care on Mother’s Day, I can help pass along a hint to your husband/partner AND help them save 20% on their order, too! Just wanted to throw that out there… (Email me at if you’d like me to be your Mother’s Day wingwoman.)

Okay, on to the favorites…

  • Thanks to quarantine, I’m doing my own nails again for the first time in more than three years (seriously). Isn’t that crazy? I used to paint my nails just about daily, and then while I was pregnant fell in love with the convenience and “fix it and forget it” nature of SNS nails, so I started getting SNS manicures every three weeks or so. But (pre-COVID) I’d started to get tired of having to go every three weeks, and I didn’t love how the polish was so hard on my nails. I’d been looking into alternatives and came across Dazzle Dry, which is a long-lasting polish system you use at home. I liked that it seemed easy yet effective, and it’s also free of many of the gross ingredients most polishes contain. Then, being stuck at home without the option of going to the nail salon sealed the deal: I was giving it a try! The verdict? I’m a fan! The system is incredibly easy to use, so far the polish seems very durable, and I like that my nails feel more normal again. (I started with the mini kit to give it a try first, which gave me a taste of the whole process. I’d also recommend grabbing a bottle of their remover if you don’t have some at home!)

Dazzle Dry

  • When I shared some Ana Luisa Jewelry bracelets with y’all a couple of years ago, they were a big hit (those bracelets are still favorites of mine), and so I wanted to share these current picks of mine from that brand. I have my eye on these beautiful earrings and a necklace in the same design, too. (Which do you think I should go with…?)

Ana Luisa

  • I get lots of comments about the Warby Parker sunglasses I wear all the time, and this pair from LOFT remind me a bit of those (and are a great price right now — $7.35!).

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9.10.56 AM

  • What are you watching these days? I just started Good Girls on Netflix (as “my” show) and am LOVING IT, and Kevin and I are just a couple of episodes into the Paul Rudd show Living With Yourself (that’s “our” show at the moment), but so far it’s really fun. I’d love to hear what you’ve been enjoying!


  • Oh, and one more thing before I let you go: I’m co-hosting an eyeshadow tutorial tonight with a team members from the Beautycounter NYC store. She’ll be using the Statement Palette to show how to create an everyday look as well as a bolder look, and she’ll also share tips on brushes to use, quick fix techniques, using your eye shape to dictate your eye makeup approach, and more. Join the fun by clicking here at 8 p.m. EST tonight. I’d love to see you there!



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