Gua Sha: Thoughts & Tips On My New Daily Practice (Including A Tutorial)

(Scroll to the bottom of this post for my video tutorial!)

Okay, I know what you might be thinking: The last thing I need right now is another new routine to introduce into my life. I UNDERSTAND THIS, especially as a parent. But here’s the thing: I started doing gua sha just a few weeks ago (during this stay-at-home time), and not only am I finding it doable, I’m also finding it to be incredibly helpful for me these days. I know I can count on a few minutes of quiet time (usually this means Maggie’s watching Daniel Tiger on our bed just outside the bathroom, by the way), and the repetitive nature of gua sha helps me feel centered and focus on my breath, too.

So…let’s talk gua sha, shall we?

You may have heard this referred to as a natural alternative to botox, and that’s because it helps encourage blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the face and can, in turn, improve lines and wrinkles in the process. You use a gua sha stone for this practice, and — as with most things — you’ll see best results if you’re consistent with it. (I’ve been doing it daily for a few weeks now! It doesn’t have to take a long time, either. You can do it quickly in as little as five minutes or so if you need to.)

It’s an ancient Chinese practice, and gua sha can be performed on the body as well (however the results of that approach looks very different than on the face!).

I’m by no means an expert (I’m very new at this), but I’ve already seen results from just being consistent with doing this for about three weeks. It really does reduce puffiness and help add definition to my face, and I feel like it’s helping encourage my skin to be more lifted and smooth overall. Plus, like I said, it’s been so good for my mental health as well (and it feels AMAZING — especially in the morning to wake up your face).


You don’t need a ton to get going with gua sha, which is great! The two things you’ll definitely need are:

  1. A gua sha stone. I use this one from Primally Pure and have loved it. It comes in a nice snappable felt case, too, which I know will come in handy for travel — whenever we can do that again! (Use the code CURIOUSER to save 10% on your Primally Pure order, too! P.S. Their dry shampoo is also wonderful.)
  2. Facial oil. This is important so that the stone doesn’t pull at your skin, but instead glides gently over it. Beautycounter offers three great options on that front — including one for oily or acne-prone skin. (Trust me: you’ll love it!) My favorite is the Brightening Facial Oil. Oh, and if you’re a brand new Beautycounter customer, this month you can save 20% on your order. Yay!

Another optional tool (and one I like incorporating into the mix) is a rose quartz roller. I like to use this after my gua sha stone to help my skin feel even more awake and brightened. I got mine from a friend, but Primally Pure offers a roller, too!


Want to see my gua sha practice in action? (Remember: I’m new to this, but I wanted to show you that it’s not hard or intimidating to start making this part of your routine, too.)


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