Friday…err, SATURDAY Favorites (November 17, 2018)

Yes, I missed the boat on Friday Favorites this week, BUT I still had just a handful of things I wanted to share. Better late than never, right?

(First of all: I wanted to be sure you saw my two gift guides that went live this week in case they’re helpful! I published both a “For Toddlers” and a “For Him” guide. The “For Her” guide will be coming next week…)

Okay, on to this week’s faves:

I’m doing my November Wardrobe Challenge, meaning I wear a different outfit each day and don’t buy any new clothes (in an effort to be more mindful of what I already have), BUT I saw two super cute pieces this week. I thought sharing them here would be the perfect way to deal with them. I’m not buying them, but I do get to…acknowledge them, in a way. So.

  • Let’s talk mother/daughter matching PJs. I would LOVE these for Maggie and me! Here are the mama ones and here are the baby ones. (I showed them to Maggie, and she seemed to love them, too. My girl loves clothes already, and I’m very okay with it!)


  • Also in clothing news: THIS DRAPER JAMES DRESS!!! Eek, I’m so in love with it! It comes in both red and navy (I think I’d go for the blue), and it’s just perfection, don’t you think?


  • For fellow parents out there, I wanted to share a resource we love: Janet Lansbury. Her take on parenting is very much in line with mine, and when we’re dealing with issues or new milestones with Maggie (setting boundaries, the very early stages of potty training, etc.), Janet is a go-to for me. Her book, No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame, is definitely worth a read if you’re a toddler mama, too.


Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Saturday!

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