2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Because guys can be notoriously hard to buy for, this year I enlisted the help of my husband, Kevin, to help me come up with some sure-to-please items for my men’s gift guide. I included a few ideas of my own as well, too, but Kevin definitely had some good ideas. (Thanks, Kevin!)

As with my toddler gift guide, I’ve tried to include a range of prices here, so hopefully you can find something regardless of your budget. The overarching theme for these gifts is useful — something he can get lots of mileage out of in the months and years to come, but that feels a little special at the same time.


  1. Air Fryer (From Kevin: “Nearly every guy I talk to wants one…or has one and loves it.”)
  2. Rapid Car Charger (5 USB ports. Enough said.)
  3. Fulton & Roark Shave Better Kit (Yes, this is Kevin’s company, but you don’t have to take my word for how awesome this stuff is. GQ named Fulton & Roark’s shave cream the best on the market!)
  4. Leather Charger Roll-Up (Go the extra mile and get it monogrammed.)
  5. Temperature-Controlled Travel Coffee Mug (If he doesn’t love this, please send it to me! It sounds amazing!)
  6. Blutooth Headphones
  7. Cozy Slippers
  8. Outdoor Speakers (Make entertaining or just hanging out in the yard a little more fun!)
  9. Duffel Pack Backpack (From Kevin: “A great minimalist backpack with enough capacity to be a good overnight bag or even gym bag.”)
  10. Supernova (From Kevin: “Perhaps a nice thing to put in the toe of a stocking. This is like foam roller concentrate.”)
  11. Space Pen (From Kevin: “I love the aesthetics of this pen and the idea behind it.”)





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