Friday Favorites (June 8, 2018)

Whew. This was a looooong week, y’all. But here we are at FRIDAY! (Let’s collectively exhale here. We MADE it.)

To celebrate, let’s talk favorites, shall we?:

  • American Eagle (yes, I know — such a blast from your middle school past!) has some super cute shorts right now, and they’re BOGO 50% off. I opted for their midi length denim shorts (juuuust a little longer without being long at all) and some overall shorts which I knew I was going to hate but, in fact, adore. (They are even Kevin approved, and he’s hesitant to like trendy things like this!) You can find links to both items (they’re available online only — not in-store) on the Shop page of my blog (under Pants + Shorts).
  • I posted about this book on Instagram recently, but wanted to mention it here as well because I loved it so much. In Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, author Brigid Schulte tackles themes that are relevant to just about all of us these days, and digs into how we can learn to be more efficient and empowered employees, less resentful spouses, more present parents, and more playful people. (The “Play” section is the one that resonated most strongly with me.)


  • I’ve been a Tig Notaro fan for a while right now (her Taylor Dayne story from a few years ago made me a groupie for life), and lately Kevin and I have been on a Tig kick. We finished her Amazon series, One Mississippi, and also loved her latest Netflix special, Happy To Be Here. I recommend both!


  • GT’s Kombucha launched a new flavor recently, and I’m in love. Get your hands on a bottle (or 12) of Watermelon Wonder stat!


Okay, now I’m headed to watch that Taylor Dayne bit for the millionth time. (IT’S FUNNY EVERY TIME…)

Have a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (June 8, 2018)

  1. LOVE Tig Notaro! That whole standup bit that includes Taylor Dayne is what got us, too. We’re seeing her live in September. Perhaps she’ll be in W-S, too? We have yet to watch One Mississippi or her new special. Will start soon!

    1. What? LIVE? Jealous — ahhhh! Maybe we should come there to see her with you! (Only sort of kidding…)

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