Friday Favorites

This time last Friday Kevin and I knew we were close to meeting our baby girl, but didn’t yet know how she’d come into this world. I still can’t believe she was born in March. I was CONVINCED she’d be an April baby after keeping us waiting for so long.

  • With that in mind, my first favorite this Friday is, obviously, this one-week-old kid. She’s the perfect addition to our family, and I can’t believe we’ve already had a whole week of getting to know each other. The days are just flying by!

  • Next up: This necklace and earring set Kevin got me as a gift when Maggie was born. It’s perfect on so many levels: it’s beautifully small and delicate, just like our baby. It’s made of moonstone, which is said to act as protection during childbirth and pregnancy, along with bringing hope and enhancing feminine energy. But perhaps best of all? It’s from a jewelry company called Margaret Elizabeth — just like our girl!

  • Kevin and I are loving our Baby K’tan carriers! We each have one, and Maggie seems to adore them, too. She can get all snuggled up in there, we get to have access to both arms, and I’ve been told it’s a great way to prevent strangers from wanting to touch your baby when you’re out and about.

  • I set up a Maggie folder using the PhotoCircle app and think it will be a great way for friends and family to keep up with pictures of our daughter. Anyone who’s part of the circle can upload pics, and this way I can bombard a select group of people with endless photos of Maggie-girl. (You’re welcome, everyone on Instagram and Facebook! I’ll try not to get TOO out of hand on there. But come on — she’s pretty cute. There are going to be lots of Maggie posts.) If anyone else wants to join our PhotoCircle app to keep up with Maggie that way, please let me know! I’m happy to add you.

Okay, enough blogging — time to get back to snuggling that adorable baby of mine! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead. (I’m so looking forward to the beautiful weather in the forecast!) 



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