Friday Favorites (May 4, 2018)

I have been in the BEST mood this week! I’m sure it has something to do with this amazingly perfect weather, and it was also pretty nice to start my work week on Wednesday (since Kevin, Maggie, and I were on the west coast earlier in the week visiting family). Regardless, I’m thankful for this feeling. Life just feels good. There’s nothing especially out of the ordinary happening, but that’s kind of the point: life is great as-is, no “extras” needed.

Are you ready for some favorites? (I have lots this week!)

Here goes:

  • Looking for a perfect-for-summer (or Father’s Day) gift idea for the guy in your life? Fulton & Roark’s brand new Palmetto solid fragrance was just included in a Men’s Journal round-up of colognes: “The Best Men’s Scents of Summer 2018.” Whoa — what a compliment! (Get it now, though, because it’s part of their Limited Reserve line and may not be around forever…)


  • If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, you HAVE to visit my sister-in-law’s store, Ella Gray Home+Gifts. Kevin’s sister April is one of those people who has a knack for making things beautiful, and we were thrilled to get to experience her new store in Kalama, Washington while we were out there this past weekend. It’s full of perfect items for your home, and is THE go-to spot for gifts for, well, anyone (babies included).
  • The Good HYOUman brand of athletic clothes is one I love for their thoughtful graphic elements. With words and phrases like “perfection” and “no one is you,” I find myself drawn to so many of their pieces. (They’re also super comfy, and their cuts are so flattering.) Right now, I’m eyeing two of their newly released pieces: these high-waisted leggings that say “breathe” on the ankle and this tank that reads “more life.” (What catches your eye among their new arrivals?)
  • Want a lightened up cocktail option for Cinco de Mayo? I can’t wait to try this tasty sounding recipe by the ladies at the Conscious Cleanse. (It includes tequila, so I’m pretty sure I’ll love it…) This is from the Conscious Cleanse’s 80:20 Lifestyle Program, which I love. (You can read about my first experience with the Conscious Cleanse — from back in 2013 — here! I really enjoy this two-week program, and think I’m going to do it again soon.)


  • I’ve shared here before about my love for Better Life cleaning products, and I appreciate getting their helpful newsletter and blog content, too! This post, with natural stain remover tips and tricks, is one I want to keep on hand for when I need it. In case you feel the same way, I thought I’d share it here!


Hope your weekend is a beautiful one!

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