Friday Favorites (April 27, 2018)

It’s FRIDAY, and Kevin, Maggie, and I are headed to the west coast (just outside of Portland, Oregon to Kalama, Washington, to be exact) to visit Kevin’s sister and her family. We can’t wait to see them (and for the cross-country flight with Maggie to be over). Please be crossing your fingers for us!

I wanted to share some favorites with you from this past week. (You’re probably reading this while we’re in flight, so hi from the sky!) Okay, here goes:

  • I have a new Shop section on my blog! Have you had a chance to check it out? My hope is that this will make it easy for you to find links to things I post (within Friday Favorites, within my Instagram Stories, etc.) The Shop pages are separated by category (everything from clothing to personal care items to baby accessories) and are hopefully pretty intuitive to use. They aren’t very populated right now, but my goal is to keep them updated with links of things I really love. (Thoughts on this section? Helpful? Not so much? Missing some key categories? I’d love to know!)

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.42.35 PM

  • Beautycounter just launched several new Lip Gloss shades, and I snagged one that arrived yesterday — Azalea (a fun, bright, perfect-for-warm-weather pink). I LOVE IT!


  • I am in love with these jean shorts that I got (50% off!!!) at J. Crew Factory (ours is called J. Crew Mercantile) last weekend. Jean shorts are surprisingly hard to find (in my opinion). Ones that aren’t CRAZY short or too expensive, that is. You know, Goldilocks shorts! I think I’ll be living in these… (Oh, and this is the kind of stuff you’ll find in my new Shop section!)
  • Our friends James and Christina introduced us to this adorable book, Feely Bugs, and they even got Maggie her very own copy this week! It’s coming with us to the west coast for sure!


Oh! One more thing before I sign off. Did you remember to enter my latest giveaway, for a pair of these gorgeous stud earrings? I’ll announce a winner Monday, April 30, so get your entry in now if you haven’t yet. (Head over to Instagram and look for this post to tag friends for your bonus entries!)


Have an amazing weekend!

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