Maggie Monday (May 7, 2018)

Whew! I got this week’s Maggie Monday post up juuuuust before Monday was over. It’s already been that kind of a week!

Our big news is that we traveled to Kalama, Washington (near Portland, Oregon) last week to visit family. Kevin’s sister, April, her husband, Greg, and their two boys, Everett and Isaiah, live out there, and we had a perfect visit with them over the course of a long weekend. We even got to see some great high school friends of Kevin’s who just happen to live near April and Greg. How fun!

Some Maggie-related highlights from our trip (since this is a Maggie-focused post, after all), include:

  • She did soooo well on both five-hour flights. (We felt so fortunate! I think part of the trick was lots of snacks and a brand new book.):
  • She loved checking out Aunt April’s beautiful store, Ella Gray Home+Gifts:


  • She adored the Hoffmans’ two little dogs, Finn and Lulu, and they liked her pretty well, too!


  • She loved getting to meet tons of new people, including Dave and Devon (our Georgia friends) and lots of the Hoffmans’ Kalama buddies. (Kevin and I loved it, too!):

Some other Maggie updates:

  • She is really walking well at this point, and gets better and better at it daily:


  • She is talking up a storm, and loves to use any item as a pretend phone (sippy cups, Macy’s coupons, or, in this case, her baby monitor):

Goodness, I love this kiddo.

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