curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 7 (Melissa Campbell Sharing Her Infertility Journey)

Melissa Campbell and I have known each other for a few years now, but have met in person only twice. We met through my mom (she and Melissa used to work together), and have become friends thanks to being at similar life stages and having lots in common. (Thanks to social media, we’re able to keep up with each other despite living in different states.)

Melissa’s son, Andrew, is eight months old — just three months younger than my daughter, Maggie, and it was so much fun being pregnant at the same time. (Although “fun” isn’t the word Melissa would use to describe her pregnancy. She was incredibly sick the entire time!) Now that we’re both new moms, we’ve enjoyed exchanging texts about breastfeeding (ugh, pumping gets so old!), essential oils for babies, and lots more. I’ve loved getting to share this parenthood journey with her.

But Melissa and I got together via Skype to talk about a journey I didn’t experience myself: one of infertility. My husband, Kevin, and I went through a miscarriage, but were then able to get pregnant with our daughter without any fertility intervention. After a year of trying to get pregnant on their own, though, Melissa and her husband, Sean, realized they’d likely need some extra help to grow their family. Enter month after month (after month after month) filled with first IUIs, then IVF (and all the shots and daily appointments that came with it, not to mention the financial stress of it all).

I’m so appreciative to Melissa for being willing to share her infertility story here from start to finish, and I know it will be an incredibly helpful resource to anyone who experiences infertility, either first or secondhand. She gives helpful advice and context around what to expect regarding specific steps in the process, and talks about why it was so critical that she and Sean be on the same page throughout the journey.


I hope you enjoy this informative episode!:


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