Friday Favorites (March 16, 2018)

This weekend, I’m headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina, for my friend Jodi’s bachelorette party. She gets married next month (AND today is her birthday), so there’s lots to celebrate! I’m looking forward to some semi-warm weather (although the forecast is that hard-to-pack-for temperature where it will be right at 70 degrees during the day, but then be in the low 50s in the evening. So, as always, I just over packed to “solve” the problem. 🙂

I didn’t get to a Friday Favorites post last week (oops!), so I wanted to jump back on the bandwagon today. Here are some things I’ve been loving lately!:

  • Kevin and I saw three amazing movies recently. Two are “amazing” in a way The Academy would agree with (they were both nominated — and won — Oscars this year) and one was amazing in a different way. All are ones I recommend!:
    • I, Tonya was such a well-done film. I loved the reenacted style that pulled from actual documentary interviews. Talk about compelling. (Oh, and I’m SO glad Allison Janney won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Tonya Harding’s awful, abusive, bird-loving mom)
    • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was one of those movies that had a decent-looking trailer, so we went with it. Kevin and I are SO glad we did. We both added this to our favorite movie short list. I’m not one bit surprised that Frances McDormand won Best Actress and Sam Rockwell won Best Supporting Actor for their roles. See this movie, y’all. Do it.
    • Pitch Perfect 3 is as fun as we’d hoped it would be. We’re a big fan of all three movies in this franchise, and went to see the latest one at the $2.50 movie theater in Winston earlier this week with our friend Kaley. We all loved it — but the guy a few rows up from us who danced in his seat the whole time REALLY loved it. I want to be friends with that guy.
  • I haven’t made these Banana Cinnamon Rolls yet, but don’t they sound like they’d be good? I can’t wait to try them.

  • If you caught my podcast episode with health coach Simi Botic, you know how wonderful she is. I’ve loved being a part of her private Facebook community, Beautifully Imperfect, for the past few weeks. It’s full of inspirational women who are all there to support each other, share ideas, and generally try to fight the urge to need to be perfect. Join us if this sounds interesting to you!

  • Exciting news: Yesterday, Beautycounter launched One-Step Makeup Remover Wipes! I am soooo pumped about these. They’ll be perfect for travel or on those nights where you just can’t muster up the energy to wash your face, but know you need to get your makeup off. (Quick reminder: Going to bed with your makeup on will age your skin seven times faster. Yikes!!) So yeah…these wipes can help with that. Not only are they made with safe ingredients (as all Beautycounter products are), they’re also biodegradable! Good for you AND the earth. Snag a pack now!


  • My friend Micheal sent me this beautiful blog post about motherhood a couple of weeks ago, and it’s one I’ve thought about often since initially reading it. I think so often about the kind of mother I want to be for Maggie-girl, and love gleaning inspiration from others. (In this case, it’s an adult daughter reflecting on the way her mother parented her.) Obviously, the way I parent will be my own brand of motherhood to a degree, but it’s nice to read about others’ experiences and approaches, too.

Have a great weekend! What do you have planned…?



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