Maggie Monday (March 12, 2018)

Despite being mid-March in North Carolina, it’s snowing today (and actually sticking, at least for now!). Kevin, Maggie, and I were all unexpectedly home, working from the comfort of our cozy living room. (Well, Kevin and I were working, while Maggie was attempting to “help” us type every few minutes. Thanks, Maggie-girl.)

Speaking of Maggie-girl, here are a few updates on her from the past few days.

Highlights include:

  • Learning to use a spoon for herself (making mealtimes longer and much messier, but it’s cute watching her be proud of her independence)
  • Visiting Raffaldini Vineyards with our friends the Paines (a little birthday party pre-game, since we’ll be celebrating both Maggie and Henry’s birthday together later this month!)


  • Her love for green smoothies (and straws) growing (that’s my girl, on both counts!)


  • Her overall happy, easygoing attitude continues, and we feel immensely lucky to call this little lady ours

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Maggie Monday (March 12, 2018)

  1. What kind of carrier are you wearing in the photo with you two? I’m a babywearing curiouser 😉

      1. I thought you had a Tula! It looked like a different pattern than the one I remember you having. Maybe not.

      2. You are so observant! Yes, this was one I borrowed from my friend that day (but it’s also a Tula).

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