curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 5 (Talking Adoption With Christina Paine)

Is there someone in your life who’s become an adoptive parent? Or maybe they’re in the process of becoming one. Or perhaps you’re the one who has adopted, or who is somewhere in the adoption process.

Regardless of your connection to adoption, I’d wager you have just that: a connection to adoption.

That’s why I’m excited to share this week’s podcast with you, where I talked with a good friend of mine, Christina Paine, about her experience adopting her daughter, Amelia, nearly three years ago.


Christina and I talked about what adoption route they chose to take (domestic, private) and why, what advice she’d give others who are considering adoption or going through the process, tips on things to say versus things NOT to say to a family with an adopted child, and lots more. I think you’ll find her to be an informative and thoughtful source, and someone who does a wonderful job articulating some of the nuances of the adoption experience.


Of course, just like any kind of parenting, there are many different ways to go about adoption, but I think Christina’s perspective is a helpful one no matter what. I’ve loved getting to watch Christina and James’ adoption experience up close over the past three years, and am proud to be friends to such caring, wonderful parents. I’m so glad Christina was willing to share her thoughts with us all in this episode!

Here we go!:

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