Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite holidays. My mom always made it a fun day growing up (we always got a new pair of pjs to celebrate!), and so I think that helped to lay the foundation for my love of the day.

Now, just to caveat, I’ve never been all about the dozen-roses-and-chocolate-covered-strawberries kind of Valentine’s Day (I don’t eat strawberries, but that’s not the reason why!). I like for the holiday to be lighthearted, and to act as a reminder to show ALL the people we love in our lives how very much we care about them.

Kevin and I have had lighthearted Valentine’s Day since we started dating, always opting for an against the grain kind of celebration, like dinner at Taco Bell, and that’s totally my style. (Oh, and also Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make cookies, so I’m definitely a fan of that part.)

That was rather long winded. Sorry — you may just be here for some gift suggestions! But I thought it would be helpful to set the stage to show the kind of Valentine’s Day celebrator I am, because I think that’s somewhat important.

Anyway, here we are now (finally, Anna — geez!) to the gift recommendation portion. I’ve collected a few items for different people in your life who could probably use a little Valentine’s Day love. For Valentine’s Day gifts (as with most any gift, really), I like the theme to be beautiful yet functional. Happy shopping!:

For Your Guy:



For Yourself (send a link as a hint…!):




For Your Daughter:

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JFG 09/04 9:45am

For Your Son:



For Your Friend or Mom:





For Your Child’s Teacher, Your Co-Worker, Your Neighbor, etc.:



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