Maggie Monday (January 15, 2018)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Maggie Monday post, so there’s lots to update y’all on as it relates to our girl. Here’s an overview to bring you up to speed:

Maggie celebrated her first Christmas in Atlanta, and was a lucky girl because she got to spend Christmas Day with BOTH sets of grandparents! We stayed with my family for the holidays, and Kevin’s parents were with Kevin’s brother and sister-in-law in Atlanta as well, so they all came over for brunch and presents at my parents’ house on Christmas Day. It was so special having everyone together (and I can’t believe we didn’t take a group photo!). Later that day, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew arrived in Atlanta, so we had Christmas, Round Two with them. It was a blast having my nephew and Maggie together for their first Christmas!

We then moved on to the North Carolina coast for Maggie’s first New Year’s Eve (which she also got to spend with her cousin Benjamin — wahoo!). Kevin and I have had a tradition of spending the New Year with my sister and brother-in-law in Oak Island, North Carolina, and this year we had so much fun adding Maggie and Benjamin to the mix. (We got to spend a little more time with Kevin’s parents there, too, which was wonderful!)

Last week, Maggie had her nine-month check-up (HOW is she nine months old??), and all looked great. She moved up to the 52nd percentile for weight (weighing in at 18 pounds, 7 ounces), which I’m not a bit surprised by based on how much this girl likes to eat! She’s 28 inches long, putting her in the 67th percentile for height. The best part about the nine-month check-up? No shots!


Here are some milestones Maggie has hit recently:

  • She’s getting close to walking! She’s pulling up on EVERYTHING and takes (unsteady) steps with her walker, which she is obsessed with. (Seriously — this thing is some form of baby magic. Sometimes when she’s upset, I sing her the song from this toy — “Welcome to our learning farm…” for you fellow parents out there — and it chills her out without fail.) Our world is about to change big time!
  • She’s “talking” all the time. Lots of it is babbling, but she can say “bye-bye,” “mama,” “dada,” and “yum” when she wants to. You know, all the essentials. 🙂
  • She’s a champion waver, and makes friends everywhere we go as a result. It’s so cute!
  • She continues to be an amazing eater, and happily consumes anything and everything we put in front of her (along with other random non-food items she finds on the floor, but don’t worry — we don’t let her actually eat those).


  • She’s also gotten good at blowing kisses lately, which is kind of the cutest thing ever. (Oh, and clapping! She’s great at that, too.)

Watching her grow and change (SO QUICKLY) has been incredible, and we love the little person she already is and the slightly bigger little person she’s turning into. I just feel lucky every day that she’s ours! As Kevin said recently, “We would have picked this child if given the choice, but she came right to us!” We definitely would have picked you, Maggie-girl. I’m so glad you chose us to be your parents!

I’ll leave you with some more Maggie cuteness:


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