Living Room Mood Boards

Even though I love our living room, sometimes I get the itch to totally redecorate. (Wouldn’t that be fun, to be able to just completely re-do a room on a whim?)


Since my budget most certainly does NOT allow for that kind of behavior, I thought I’d do the next best thing: virtually designing a living room by selecting a few looks that would be fun to try.

Here are three different options for living room looks. Which one would you choose?:

Option A:


sofa / chaircoffee table / floor lamp / wallpaper / rug / art

I love the soothing color scheme of this room, grounded by the bold navy in the rug. I’ve wanted to put Grow House Grow wallpaper in my home for YEARS, so it only makes sense that I’d include that here. I also love the living room options at Arhaus (where both this couch and chair are from). Oh, and how fun is this wall art? You can always trust World Market to have some great home picks. (About half of our current living room is from there!)

Option B:


sofa / chair / coffee table / console /  floor lamp / rug / art

Anthro for the win on this console, huh?



sofa / chair / coffee table / floor lamprug / throw pillows / art

I like how these textures, lines, and patterns are interesting, but the colors are neutral. Then the accents, like the throw pillows and wall art, bring in some pops of color.

Which is your fave?

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