Friday Favorites (November 3, 2017)

I’ve felt SO sleepy all week, and have been dragging in the mornings. I’m not sure what’s going on. My initial inclination on days and weeks like that is to feel lazy and guilty. I’m quick to beat myself up if I’m not up and at ’em and at the barre every morning. But this week, I’ve tried to consciously cut myself some slack. I just needed some extra rest this week, that’s all. And that’s okay. There will always be next week to get back to those early morning workouts.

Amidst my sleepiness this week, the other dominant feeling has been thankfulness. I feel SO incredibly grateful for, well, for everything in my life. For Kevin. For Maggie-girl. For our family. For our friends who love us like family. For a job I love with people who are kind and fun and supportive. For a beautiful home (which may not be clean all the time these days or as organized as I’d like it to be, but that’s just fine). For health. For laughter. For good, nourishing food. For Pure Barre and the community it provides. For the changing of seasons. For having so much more than enough of everything.

And so this week’s Friday Favorites post is a little different, because my favorites — those at the forefront of my mind right now — aren’t tangible things. My favorites are the people and the experiences and the fortunate realities that make up my world.

Family Photo Session in Ardmore of the Keller's

To all of you who are part of that world: thank you. I appreciate each of you more than you know!


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