Maggie Monday (October 30, 2017)

Our girl will be SEVEN months old tomorrow, which is so hard to believe. She’s semi-officially crawling (she can definitely move forward, but it’s more of an upper body-only army crawl kind of approach at this point), and continues to be smiley, happy, and social. We went to two parties last Saturday — a baby shower (she wore one of my baby dresses to that event, which was so fun!) and an engagement party for a work friend — and Maggie did great at both.


She seemed to enjoy just taking it all in, and now that she’s eating she’s also a fan of the food! (New foods this week include quinoa and carrots. We have yet to find something she doesn’t like.)

She’s loving her door frame jumper, too — especially when Kevin or I jump along with her:

Let’s see…other highlights from this past week…

Oh! Our family was featured in a local magazine, Neighbors of Forsyth. Here we are on the cover (and can you tell that poor Fulton HATED the photo shoot?):


Here are some other recent photos of Maggie-girl:

IMG_9019IMG_9097 (1)IMG_8935 (1)IMG_8855

Can’t wait to show you her Halloween costume tomorrow!


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