November Wardrobe Challenge

I just completed the task of swapping out my summer clothes for my cooler weather wardrobe (here’s hoping this cooler weather is here to stay!), and it reminded me just how many clothes I own. I mean, more than plenty.


It’s a good thing for me to remember, because recently I’ve been itching to get a few new pieces for fall/winter. (That’s pretty standard every time the season changes though, right?)

But here’s the thing: Just because I WANT to buy some new things doesn’t mean I need to. Far from it. Instead, I should probably just be more intentional about how I wear the items that are already in my closet. I tend to pick a few favorite outfits each season and find myself reaching for them time and time (and time) again. That’s fine and all, but I need to get more creative (and by creative, I mean reaching for different items rather than the same pieces on repeat).

So I’m declaring November a Wardrobe Challenge month for me.

I’ve done this before here on my blog, but it’s been a while. Here are the (super simple) rules:

For a 30-day period, I have to wear a different outfit every single day. (Things like workout clothes and PJs are exempt, for obvious reasons. Also, I can wear a pair of jeans, leggings, or pants more than once, but not the same top more than a single time.) I am also not allowed to purchase any new articles of clothing during the 30-day challenge. At the end of the 30-day period, I will have re-discovered clothes I haven’t worn in a while (yay!), but I’m also committing to identifying at least 10 items that I don’t wear any more to donate to Goodwill or sell for consignment.

That’s it! It’s meant to bring a little more intention and awareness to my spending for the month, which I find helpful to do every now and then. I’ll be posting photos of my outfits to help hold me accountable (probably lots in my Instagram Stories), so please follow along with me there!

The 2017 curiouser & curiouser Wardrobe Challenge starts on Wednesday, November 1. (Whoa — this is getting official.) Who’s with me?

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