Maggie Monday (August 7, 2017)

Last week was yet another wonderful week with Maggie.

She’s sleeping swaddle free these days, and so far that’s been going well. She seems to like to sleep on her side (just like me), and it’s helpful that now she can grab her paci and put it back in her mouth when it falls out since her hands are free. She’s still waking up smiling, so all seems to be going well on that front:

Highlights of the past week include:

  • Getting THREE new pairs of (much-needed!) pjs from Mimi (she was outgrowing all her 3 month ones)
  • Going to a Dash game (her third!)
  • Visiting her three-week-old cousin, Benjamin, in South Carolina (it’s SO sweet seeing these two together, and imagining how much fun they’re going to have growing up so close in age)
  • Rocking her Love Macie bows as often as possible (remember, you can save 15% off on your own bows by using MAGGIE15 at checkout!)

Here are some photos from the past week. She’s getting so big and talking up a storm these days, too!:

Have a great Monday!

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