Friday Favorites (May 26, 2017)

Happy Friday from the beach!

I go back to work Monday, June 5, so this is our “last hurrah” trip before reality — and a NEW reality at that — sets in. It’s so hard to believe my maternity leave is coming to an end. These past few weeks home with my girl have been amazingly special, and I’m so grateful for this time we’ve had together. I’m trying to soak in these last few days where I’m on 100% mom duty to really get the most out of them. Fellow working moms out there: Any tips on dealing with the transition back to work? I know it’s going to be a rough few weeks at first!

In the meantime, though, we’re at the beach — YAY! (I’m so fortunate that my in-laws live here and we get to visit the beach so frequently. It’s fun knowing Maggie will grow up coming here often. I’m sure she’s going to love it here as much as her dad and I do!)

On that happy note, here are some things I’m loving of late:

  • I got new running shoes! I think I bought my last pair five years ago or so, so it was definitely time to invest in a new pair. I don’t run nearly as often as I do Pure Barre, but after so long I’d logged quite a few miles in my old Nikes. I’ve only had a couple of runs in these New Balances (part of their Fresh Foam line) so far, but I’m loving them. They’re comfy, lightweight, and pretty cute (which never hurts). 🙂

  • This Albion Fit jumpsuit. I have a handful of pieces from this brand (including these leggings and this adorable romper), and I’m dying to add one of their jumpsuits to my collection. They come in three colors (I especially love the Sage and Granite), and hopefully they’ll be restocking in lots of the sizes soon!

  • Loren Hope’s stack sets. I’ve loved this brand for a while, and have written about my adoration for their bracelets in previous posts. Now, though, the brand has rolled out a curated “Stack Shop” collection, where you can purchase pre-styled bracelet sets. I want every single one of them (but the Gold Rush Stack might be my fave…).

  • Hasan Minjah’s Netflix special. Kevin and I watched this new special earlier this week, and Minjah (who you might recognize from The Daily Show) is captivating as he talks about his experience growing up as the son of Muslim Indian immigrants. It’s funny for sure, but also beautifully done (both his storytelling and the production of the special itself), and is most definitely worth a watch.
  • Beautycounter samples. I’ve loved becoming a Beautycounter consultant because it means I get to share a brand I love with other women. The best way to experience Beautycounter, I think, is through samples! After all, it’s great to be able to try out some of their products before purchasing the full-sized versions. If you haven’t tried Beatycounter’s skincare or make-up products for yourself yet but would be interested in doing so, please let me know (either by commenting on this post or emailing me at I’d love to get some samples sent straight to your mailbox!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you have fun plans ahead of you.


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