Baby Prep: Products I’m Excited About

Big disclaimer: I’m not a mom yet, so this advice is just speculative, and is based on intuition, advice I’ve gotten from other moms, and reviews I’ve read.

Kevin and I are in the final weeks of “getting ready for baby” mode, and it’s created an exciting, fun atmosphere. (Yes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but we’ve made good progress over the last months and weeks, and so we’re down to just a few final things to be ready for Baby Girl to join us next month.) We’re finishing up a couple of things in the nursery (hanging a bookshelf, getting some closet racks built), and the other two must-do items we have left are packing our hospital bags and getting our car seat bases installed in our cars. So close…

As we’ve been getting things in place, there are some items I get especially pumped about using when our daughter arrives. (Note: This is a very short list, and we have so many other great things ready — in large part due to generosity from friends and family — to help care for, clothe, soothe, bathe, and entertain our girl. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get ready to welcome her into the world!):

  • aden + anais Muslin Swaddles. Everyone I know who has kids raves about these, and it’s easy to see why. These swaddles are lightweight, breathable, a great size, and have adorable patterns. We have a solid collection waiting for our girl!


  • Dohm Sound Machine. No, it’s not specifically a baby product, but Kevin and I are pumped about this item. (We actually have received two, which has been amazing because we put one in our room and one in the nursery. We LOVE ours, and know our baby will, too!)


  • Anything Burt’s Bees Baby. We have a crib sheet and changing table cover by this brand as well as burp cloths and even a few ADORABLE outfits. Everything comes in such sweet, pale colors and is SO soft, and I love that it’s all 100% organic cotton.


  • Beautycounter’s Line Baby of Products. I’m obsessed with this brand for myself, and absolutely can’t wait to start using their baby products on our daughter. I love that the products are made with such high-quality, safe ingredients, and know I can trust them to be ones that will be effective but sensitive to use on our baby girl’s skin. (Especially perfect timing: Beautycounter just launched a Calming Diaper Rash Cream that I’ll definitely be adding to our collection of diaper changing supplies.) Quick reminder: I’m a Beautycounter consultant, so if you’re interested in any products for yourself or a baby in your life, please shop via my site (and get in touch with me regarding questions, etc. — I’d love to tell you more about the company and its products!).


  • BOB Stroller. I’ve been lusting after these since using one waaaay back in the day for a family I babysat for. I’m so excited that we got one (shout-out to Mom, Dad, Susan, and Marty for the generous baby shower gift!), and know our family will enjoy lots of runs and outdoor adventures thanks to this stroller.


  • Baby Carriers (Bjorn and K’tan). I’ve had both of these come highly recommended from other parents, and look forward to trying them both. I hope the baby likes them, because the idea of baby wearing (and having two free hands!) is very appealing.

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We’re ready to meet you, Baby Girl!

Looking for more baby gift ideas that parents will actually use? Check out this post I wrote for Zulily’s blog for inspiration!

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  1. Great list! I liked the look of the aden + anais blankets, but I found them really difficult to use for actual swaddling. Lyra slept in a tight swaddle for the first four months, and stretchy Carter’s swaddle blankets were SO MUCH easier to get a tight swaddle with. I recommend having a couple different types of swaddling material on hand to see what works best for you.

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