Friday Favorites

Okay, so it’s a Monday. But I had some new favorites I wanted to post and didn’t want to have to wait alllll week to do it. (Y’all are good with that, right?)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was great, and was full of celebration.* On Saturday, my amazing Pure Barre family threw me a baby shower that started off with a Pure Barre staff class and ended with gifts and socialization. It was exactly what I hoped it would be! Thank you to everyone who made that event so special.

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Then, on Saturday evening, Kevin and I joined some other friends to celebrate our friend Ashleigh’s 30th birthday. It was an evening full of good food, laughter, and wonderful people.

*Minus the Super Bowl. Ugh. Poor Falcons!

Okay. So on to those favorites I was talking about:



  • Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Series. As a huge fan of this book (and Margaret Atwood in general), I was super pumped to see this advertised last night during the Super Bowl. I can’t wait to check out the series when it launches in April, and think it might be worth re-subscribing to Hulu for. (Especially because at that point I’ll be looking for some good maternity leave shows to watch! Perfect timing…)


  • Fairlife Chocolate Milk. I’ve posted about this stuff before on my Facebook page, but I had to mention it here, too, because when I think about my “favorites” of late, this milk definitely qualifies. It’s kind of become my wine substitute during pregnancy (and I even have a special glass I like to drink it out of). Kevin and I both love this stuff, and not just for its taste (which is top notch). It also has much more protein and much less sugar than other chocolate milk brands. Good taste and good nutrition? Yeah, sign me up!


Hope your week gets off to a great start!

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