Clothing Items I’ve Loved Both Before And During Pregnancy

As much fun as it is to buy maternity clothes, I was determined not to spend a fortune on that portion of my wardrobe, knowing this whole being pregnant thing wasn’t going to last all that long in the scheme of things. I wanted to be able to repurpose as many existing items of clothing as I could, and thankfully so far have had good luck on that front.

Here are some of the items I owned pre-pregnancy that I’ve gotten the most mileage out of while pregnant:

  • Mossimo Long Lean Tanks (from Target): I have maybe eight of these tanks (in black) and wear them alllll the time. So far, they’re still working great during pregnancy, and are perfect to throw on under an open cardigan, under a sweater, etc.


  • Hue tights: I’ve loved this brand for tights for the last couple of years, and as it turns out they work great during pregnancy, too! They’re durable, affordable, comfortable, and wash really well. Plus, you can really hike them up over your belly when needed… 🙂


  • High-waisted yoga pants: I sure am glad I invested in adding some high-waisted legging options to my workout clothes collection before getting pregnant, because they are perfect for pregnancy as well! I especially love my high-waisted Beyond Yoga and Lululemon leggings. I’m hoping I can make them work for the next seven-ish weeks.


  • Workout tops: Thank goodness for stretchy workout fabric! I’ve been able to get by with almost exclusively non-maternity workout tops (I do have an Ingrid & Isabel maternity tank, as well as a Beyond Yoga one, which are both excellent). As far as my existing workout tank collection goes, I find myself reaching for my Beyond Yoga tops the most, by far. Their Light Classic Racerback and On The Move Racerback Camis just can’t be beat.


  • Aerie Boho Plunge bralettes: I am obsessed with these. I wore them almost daily before I was pregnant, and continue to do so now. They’re supportive but SO comfortable. (Aerie has lots of cute bralettes, and I’ve tried a few styles. This one is far and away my favorite.)


  • Open cardigans and ponchos: Ponchos (like this one from LOFT, which I have and love) are amazing. I mean, come on: blankets that are acceptable to wear out of the house? Uh, yeah. Sign me up. Plus, no zippers or buttons are involved, so there’s plenty of room for a baby bump. Same goes for open cardigans. Those two items (paired with leggings) have been my go-to uniform this fall/winter.


Fellow expectant mamas: What pre-pregnancy clothes have you enjoyed wearing throughout your pregnancy?

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