Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal

Kevin and I have had the best time putting together our daughter’s nursery over the past few weeks, and it’s finally at the point where it’s ready for a tiny human to come live in it! (We owe a huge thank you to my in-laws, Keith and Cathy, for their help in the nursery prep process. Keith painted the room for us as well as the bulk of the furniture, and Cathy helped me shop for some great accessories that made everything come together. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful father- and mother-in-law!)

We didn’t really have a theme in mind for the nursery, but knew we wanted soft, calm colors and wanted to incorporate some watercolor artwork that we’d had for about five years (since I worked on the Kumon Learning account and was given five prints, which were images used in an ad campaign for the brand).


I also knew I wanted to get a mobile from Zomobiles, which is a company an artist friend of mine, who I taught English in Malaysia with back in 2008, started recently. (We LOVE our zebras, Zoe!)


We also are using a rocking chair that was Kevin’s great-grandmother’s, and have a pair of Kevin’s silver-plated baby shoes, which I love being able to incorporate. Then from there, things just kind of came together.

fullsizerender fullsizerender-2

Our nursery is in the room that used to be my closet room — a tiny “bedroom” right next to the master that has sloped ceilings and a tiny (read: short) closet.


It’s not ideal for a bedroom in most circumstances, but I love the way it turned out for a nursery. (The dresser was one my dad had in his room as a kid, then I used in my room growing up. I love getting to use it for a third generation!) We were gifted the crib and changing table from friends, which was so generous.

img_2054 img_2057

img_2063 img_2053


It’s cozy but doesn’t feel cramped, and because baby clothes are so very itty bitty, the weird closet situation isn’t a problem at all! (Kevin built some hanging racks in there, so it’s like we have a custom baby closet.)


This room has become my favorite room in our house, and it’s so fun to go stand in there and just imagine what it will be like once a baby occupies the space. (Fulton loves it, too. I often find him just hanging out on the rug. He totally knows something big is happening around here.)


Now we just wait for the baby! (Well, I guess I should pack my hospital bag first. That’s next on the list!)



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