8 Soup Recipes To Try This Winter

I’m all about some soup this time of year. Hearty soups, that is — soups that can act as a standalone meal. They’re so delightfully EASY. Dump a bunch of things into a pot, cook it for a while, then happily eat it for days to come. (I’m cool with leftovers. I know some folks aren’t, but not having to plan or prepare my next meal — or three? Yes, please.)

Since I know I’m not the only soup lover out there, I thought I’d share some recipes I’ve been collecting on my “Recipes to Try” to-do list, in case you’d like in on this deliciousness. (I haven’t tried any of these myself yet, but come on — they all look incredible!)

chunky turkey

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.26.33 PM


coconut curry

barley chili

autumn chicken stew

swiss chard

collard stew

What are some of your go-to hearty soup recipes to enjoy during the cooler months?

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