My Double Quinceañera: Recap + Recipes

For about five years now, I’ve been wanting to throw a double quinceañera party for my 30th birthday. (A quinceañera is a traditional Mexican celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday party, so 15+15 = 30. And there you have it — a double quinceañera!)

This past weekend, that party dream became a reality, and it was amazing.

I hit up Goodwill and found the PERFECT quinceañera dress (pink, poofy, and complete with a bow on the waist) for the very affordable price of $4.


Next up: A piñata.

Should you ever find yourself in need of a piñata, I strongly suggest hitting up your local Party City, where you’ll find piñatas galore in all various shapes and sizes and themes. I went with the unicorn piñata (obviously) and filled it with candy and airplane bottles of tequila. Treats for kids and adults alike!


Then there was the menu to plan. Alas, I did a terrible job of taking photos of the party in general, including documenting the food, but wanted to share these recipes with you. I found some good new ones for this event! We had chicken tacos (Kevin grilled some amazingly delicious chicken using our go-to marinade, Mr. Yoshida’s, and we had various toppings), and in addition to tacos, chips, and salsa, we served:


For dessert, there were four selections:


My sister, Susan, and brother-in-law, Marty, came up to Winston from Columbia, South Carolina, to be a part of the weekend, and not only attended the party but helped a TON with prep. They’re just the best, and I’m so thankful for them. It was great having them here for the fiesta!


Thanks to everyone who came out to help celebrate my double quinceañera. I have the best friends and family!



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