Links I’m Loving

It’s FRIDAY! Wahoo! I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s been a particularly earned weekend this time around.

Hopefully these links — which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week — will bring a smile to your face as well:

  • If you only watch one YouTube video today, please, please make it this one of an owl pooping on his friend and running away. It’s 14 seconds VERY well spent:
  • If you’ve flown Delta in the past few years, you’ve probably seen one of their awesomely amusing safety videos. Well, get pumped: they have a new one out, inspired by all things Internet:
  • As though I didn’t love Chris Pratt enough already, this video sealed the deal:
  • My friend Bethany posted about this letter on her blog today (along with her own version, which is also amazing), but I just had to share it with you as well. So. Damn. Funny.

thai delivery

mindy and bj

  • I’m sure y’all saw this yesterday, but if for some reason you were spending your Thursday under a rock, you’re welcome. (It features Justin Bieber, but please watch even if you’re not a fan of his.):

Happy holiday weekend, friends!

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