My First 10K: A Recap

Happy Friday, friends!

This time last week, I told y’all about the 10K race I was going to run last weekend (my first one!). In that post, I promised an update, and wanted to share the outcome of the race with you.

First, an introduction to my race buddies.

Three friends (who also happen to be co-workers) — Ashleigh, Jodi, and James — traveled to Oak Island with Kevin and me for the race. They are all awesome, and you should be friends with them if you get the opportunity. None of us had ever run a 10K, which made this group extra fun. No one had PRs to beat, or any expectations, really. We were just going to run and do our best. (My personal goals were to run the whole race and to finish in under an hour.)

Here we are before the race, fueling up with a little Sunshine. (Please note James’ amazing lighthouse shirt, which he specifically wore for the Lighthouse Run. He wins the theme award, for sure.):


I’m not gonna lie: Last Saturday morning, I was NOT especially pumped about this race. Not only did I not quite know what to expect, it was also rainy. Ugh.

Thankfully, the rain cleared up, and the weather ended up being pretty ideal for running. The rain had cooled things down a bit, and even though our shoes got a little bit squishy, for the most part the race was on the road so the wet ground didn’t matter.


The results?

I was SO proud of my time! I kept a fast (for me) pace throughout the run, and my chip time was 53:41. I finished fifth in my age group!

In fact, our whole group did great. Kevin finished third in his age group, James was second in his, and in the Women’s 25-29 age group Jodi was fourth, I was fifth, and Ashleigh was seventh. Way to go, team Winston-Salem!



The boys at the awards ceremony:


The best thing about a race at the beach, of course, is that afterwards YOU’RE AT THE BEACH. We spent Saturday afternoon playing ladder golf and enjoying the beach (though it was on the chilly side), feeling pretty proud about ourselves overall.

IMG_7578 IMG_7570

What a great weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better first 10K experience. (Especially when I remember that until just last summer running was not a bit fun for me. I’ve come a long way!)

When’s the next race??

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