Learning To Love Running

I have always wanted to love running. There’s something about it that just seems so appealing. I love that you can do it anywhere. That it feels like such a natural exercise for humans to be doing. The culture that surrounds it.

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me on Instagram for a little while, you might have noticed that I’ve even dabbled in running here and there. I’ve run a few races (mostly 5Ks, but I’ve done a few 10K races, too), and periodically have made running part of my workout routine. I just haven’t been able to make it stick, though.

So, what gives?

I think it’s because I thrive in a group fitness setting. I love Pure Barre, and part of that comes from the fact that it’s a guided workout led by a motivating instructor. I’m not left to my own devices to figure out how to fill a 50-minute workout and push myself in the process. I appreciate that running is (often) a solo activity and can absolutely see how beneficial that alone time can be, but I needed more guidance and encouragement throughout. THAT was the missing piece for me.

Enter Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is a subscription app-based service that gives you access to tons of guided runs (and other workouts, but running is the main thing I like to use it for!). The workouts are created and led by trainers, which provides a virtual running coach, essentially. You can choose from tons of runs (you can choose by level, length, type, etc.) and then have someone talk you through the whole thing. They tell you how fast to go, motivate you to push yourself when needed, help you focus on your form and breathing, and more. I feel like someone’s in it with me on the run, and I also feel like the pressure is off of me to come up with a challenging run. I’m letting the experts handle that! (Whew!)


I also appreciate that when your run is over, the app recommends a cool-down workout to help you stretch (something I’m SO bad about doing after runs, but something that is SO important!). I have also really enjoyed Aaptiv‘s ab workouts. I’ve found many of them to be incredibly challenging in the best way and, again, love that they’re guided.

Oh! And there’s also a private Facebook community for Aaptiv members, where people share tips, results, and the trainers pop in to offer guidance and inspiration.

Do I consider myself a runner just yet? No, not exactly — Pure Barre is still my workout spirit animal (always and forever!). However, it’s so nice to have this complementary workout that I can add into my routine and (hopefully soon!) actually enjoy in the process, just like I enjoy being at the Pure Barre studio. Plus, running is a workout I can do with Maggie (oh, hey, BOB jogging stroller!), which is super helpful.

If you’re like me — someone who wants to love running and who totally loves the idea of the alone time and do-it-anywhere nature of the workout but can’t quiiiite make it work — Aaptiv could be a great fit for you, too! You can try it free for a month to see what you think before you pay for a subscription, so you have nothing to lose — and potentially a newfound love of running to gain!


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