Memorial Day Cook-Out Recipe Ideas

Happy (almost) long weekend! Hope everyone has fun activities planned, preferably ones that involve spending as much time outside as possible, eating delicious food (consumed outside, per the previous note), and hanging out with some of your favorite people (also outside — remember how terrible this past winter was??).

Since Memorial Day kicks off summer — and also marks the official start of grilling season — I wanted to round up a few Curiouser and Curiouser recipes I’ve posted in past months in case you’re putting together a delicious menu for this weekend. Perhaps one of these will strike your fancy as you’re planning for a weekend of festivities:


  • Sriracha, Blue Cheese, and Bacon Burgers. If you like spicy, you’ll like this burger. If you like spicy AND are a blue cheese and bacon fan, you’ll LOVE this burger. I got the recipe from Serious Eats, which I’ve found can always be trusted to serve up delectable recipe ideas.


  • Pizza on the grill. Kevin and I recently discovered the magic that is grilled pizza, and it’s awesome. You should try it. Plus, if you’re planning a party, folks can top their own pizzas, making the whole thing a fun, personalized activity.


  • Raw Berry Pie. Want to show up to a cookout with a refreshing, healthy dessert? This is it. Enjoy.


  • Chocolate Chunk, Walnut Blondies. And then there’s the not-quite-as-healthy-but-even-more-delicious dessert option. Because, come on, we all need chioces, right?


  • Fire Island Sunset Cocktail. What about a lovely cocktail to go with whatever deliciousness you’re enjoying? This one has both tequila and grapefruit which, if you ask me, means it’s programmed for perfection. Cheers!


Have a great long weekend, everyone!

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