Desk Decorating Tips

Take a moment to consider how much of your life you spend at work.

A lot, right?

So, if you ask me, it only makes sense that you put some thought into what you surround yourself with at the office, just as you put time and effort into filling your home with things that make it feel comfortable and representative of you. (Plus, it means you have an excuse to do a little bit of shopping for things you love, which is always a plus as far as I’m concerned. And don’t worry — you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your cubicle or office start to reflect your taste.)

Here are a few of my go-tos when it comes to surrounding yourself with lovely things at work:

Picture Frames: Duh! Don’t you want to be reminded of all the wonderful people in your life who aren’t at work with you every day? I’ve found that some of the best places to purchase picture frames are World Market and TJMaxx/Home Goods. They typically have a great selection and prices are always affordable.

photo 4

Notebooks: If your job is anything like mine (meaning you go to meetings/participate in phone calls pretty regularly), you’re probably going to have to write lots of things down. What better place to document your to-do list than a fun and functional notebook? (Tip: I love keeping a large notepad on my desk, too, as a place to jot down quick notes during phone calls, etc.) I’ve found that Target has a selection of notebooks that I love — they’re small enough to be portable, but not too small to be unhelpful.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.33.35 PM

Storage: You’re bound to need office supplies from time to time — things like paperclips and Post-It notes — so it’s important to have those things at the ready. And why not make the storage options functional AND stylish? I’ve found that dip bowls (like these from Target) do the trick quite tastefully.

photo (7)

Flair!: As we learned in Office Space, everyone needs a few pieces of flair to make life more enjoyable.


Now, we don’t have to overdo it like Brian there, but a little touch of personality can be nice. I’ve added some large initials that I found several months ago at World Market to a corner of my desk to make it feel more “mine.”

photo 5

I also adore this print that a former co-worker made.

photo 1 (1)

Desk Calendar: There are tons of great options for desk calendars available on Etsy, and they’re handy to have nearby for quick reference as you’re scheduling things. They’re always on my Christmas list!

photo 2 (1)

What do you like to keep close at hand at work?

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