Grow House Grow: Wallpaper Is Officially Cool Again

Kevin and I are in the process of buying our first house (!!!), and so I’ve been busy looking for decorating ideas to make the home really feel like us. One thing I can’t wait to incorporate is some stylish wallpaper.

That’s right, you guys: wallpaper is cool again. (That is, if you’re getting your paper from places like the wonderfully fashionable Grow House Grow.)

I seriously can’t get enough of this company, and have been longing to have a home of my own so I could finally put some up. The time has come, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I’d wager a guess that most of you would love this wallpaper without knowing its background, but getting a glimpse into the inspiration behind these captivating designs makes them all the more appealing. Designer Katie Deedy, the creator of these lovely wallpapers (and fabrics and tiles — GHG makes those, too!), bases her illustrations on, well, stories. In fact, the company’s tagline is “A story for every storey.”

taffy4 Wallpaper-by-Grow-House-Grow4

Katie comes by her love of story honestly, given that her mother, Carmen Agra Deedy, is an award-winning children’s book author who has penned wonderful titles including The Library Dragon, The Yellow Star, and — my favorite — Agatha’s Feather Bed. (The Deedys actually lived in my suburban Atlanta neighborhood growing up, so we had the privilege of getting to know this talented family first hand.)

As Grow House Grow states on their website’s About page:

“It can be argued that a good story — and we all have one — inspires and gives meaning to the world around us. From personal histories and architectural details, to souvenirs and heirlooms we hold dear, it’s important to fill our living spaces with things that create an environment that is both personal and universal; just as a good story does. Each pattern Grow House Grow creates has a different tale to tell, and endeavors to spark the creativity, mystery, and comfort of stories in those around us.”

So far, Grow House Grow boasts an impressive six collections, and each collection is based on a different narrative.

The Naturalist Collection was inspired by several “long-forgotten women of science,” and so the prints from that collection feature elements that celebrate the accomplishments and interests of each spotlighted scientist.

naturalist1 naturalist2

Meanwhile, the latest collection, Sister Cities, highlights the tradition of Twin Towns or Sister Cities — parts of the world that are in some way connected. I’m especially a fan of the Chicago/Mexico City and the Stockholm/La Paz designs.

la paz chicago

The only problem with loving these designs so much? I’m going to have a tough time choosing which to use in our house! (A good problem, to be sure.)

SideshowSitu PistachioSitu

Check out Katie’s full wallpaper line here, and you can watch her in action via this Vimeo video (featured on Apartment Therapy), too! Thanks for your help upping the standard of wallpaper, Katie!

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