A Mid-Summer Bathing Suit Wish List

I know summer’s halfway over, but I keep seeing adorable bathing suits out there on the interwebs and thought I’d share a quick list of some of my faves. After all, we still have a few more weeks to bask in the sunshine before it starts cooling down (assuming, of course, that it ever stops raining around here!).

Bonus: These are all affordable suits, too. I hate when bathing suits are over-priced, don’t you?

1. I stumbled across this site thanks to a Facebook ad, and I was glad I did. Just look how cute this bathing suit is!:


2. This Urbanog.com suit is fun, too. (I wasn’t familiar with this site, either. Thanks, Google!):


 3. I’m loving the bright, carefree look of this color-blocked option:


4. Looks like I’m too late in the season to purchase this Aerie suit, but it sure is (was?) adorable. (I especially love the tassels.):


 5. Let’s face it: you can’t go wrong with a classically nautical look:


6. This Victoria’s Secret option would be ideal for a day playing on the beach:


7. Wrapping things up, this last pick doesn’t exactly meet the “cheap” requirements, but I just couldn’t resist including it:


So — who’s down for a mid-summer beach trip or pool day? (No, seriously, though. Give me a call!)

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