The Launch Of Fulton & Roark + A Giveaway!

I’m so proud of my entrepreneurial husband! After about a year of development, he and his business partner, Allen, have launched their men’s grooming company, Fulton & Roark (named after these handsome guys):


Fulton & Roark’s first product is a solid men’s cologne, available in three distinct scents. What’s the difference between solid cologne and liquid cologne? Great question. Think concentrated, wax-based fragrance, rather than a liquid cologne. This means the product is super travel friendly and convenient to keep on hand (in your pocket, in a gym bag, etc.) without having to worry about it spilling or breaking.

I’d be proud of Kevin Keller regardless of what he created, but the truth is this stuff smells really, really good, and the packaging is awesome, too:

product_btn (1)

And so, I’m thrilled to announce the first ever Curiouser and Curiouser giveaway! If you’d like to enter to win your very own Fulton & Roark cologne (either for you or a guy in your life), here’s all you have to do:

1. Follow this blog.

2. “Like” Fulton & Roark’s Facebook page.

3. Write a comment on this blog post that describes which F & R scent you’d select (if you’re a guy) or sounds like the best fit for your guy (if you’re a girl). Are you a Tybee? A Hatteras? A Shackleford? Let me know why!

Entries will be accepted through next Thursday (July 18) and the winner will be announced next Friday (July 19). Best of luck!

33 thoughts on “The Launch Of Fulton & Roark + A Giveaway!

  1. I would say my boyfriend is Hatteras – mainly because I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve heard there is decent surfing there which is what he misses most about California!

    Great giveaway.

  2. A friend of mine designed the square and has the Hatteras. It’s amazing, and I must have it…except I can’t find it yet. I love the stuff!

  3. This is so neat! I came here from my friend Bethany’s FB page and love the idea. I love that it’s travel friendly – everything in my husband’s gym bag gets beat up, so a glass bottle is a no go. Hatteras is what I would pick for him!

  4. I really like this idea, having a husband that travels for work this would be awesome for not checking a bag….. I’d pick the Shackleford for him…

  5. I think my husband would be a Shackleford! Let me know if you’d like me to help out with any graphic design needs sometime.

  6. Hello – congrats to your hubby on the launch and hope it goes great! I found you through a Foodie Stays Fit and will be following on Bloglovin’ (I couldn’t make the follow by email option work?)
    I think my fiance would like Hatteras and I’m an NC Girl so lovin the name 😉
    Thank you!

  7. What a fun product! I’d love my husband to try any of these scents…but I’m most “curious” about the Hatteras!

  8. I think they all sound amazing! If I don’t win, I’d love to know if we can order them!! The Tybee sounds wonderful!

  9. What a great new product! I think my boyfriend would like the Hatteras. I’m going to bookmark this for gift giving!

  10. They all sounds lovely! I think my man would be a Hatteras! Maybe the clean Tybee too though, I’m torn! 😉

  11. It’s decidedly after midnight, but I still wanted to say how awesome this is! (And incidentally, I’ll be on the lookout for Shackleford for my guy – warm and woodsy to a “t”!)

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