Tote Bags Galore! (A Wish List)

Maybe it’s because it’s summertime and we’re doing a lot of traveling, but for some reason I’ve been very interested in bags lately (mainly ones of the tote variety). You know — the ones that tend to be best for road trips, beach visits, and coffee shop hanging.

To help curb my craving for said bags (or perhaps fuel it — we’ll have to see!), I thought I’d share a few of my latest totable loves. Let me know if you’ve seen any other adorable picks to add to this list:

  • This one’s a great bag AND it’s tied to a great cause. Hard to beat, right? (Oh, and it’s customizable, so you get to build your own. Fun!) Better Life Bags hires unemployed women to work for their company (often first-generation immigrants), teaching them a skill as well as offering them much-needed support. Better Life Bag’s “Molly” bag is my fave from the collection:

Leather Molly-228x228

  • I’ve had my eye on this ikat Stella & Dot bag for a while now. It seems like the perfect size, and the pattern is so very summery!:


  • And, of course, I can always count on Kate Spade to have something lust-worthy. This “Cabana Tile Harmony” bag is technically a diaper bag — but I just think it looks adorably summer-worthy. (And hey — all those interior pockets could come in handy!):




When’s my birthday? Oh, it’s next month. Just sayin’! 🙂

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