Beachy Wonderfulness: HBO’s Girls, Gillian Flynn Books, Puppy Dogs, And More

It’s amazing how much more refreshing a three-day weekend feels than the standard Saturday/Sunday line-up, isn’t it? This past Monday, in observation of Martin Luther King Day, my office was closed and Kevin didn’t have class, so we decided to take advantage of this precious extra 24 hours of weekend and headed to the beach — with our friend Micheal and her adorable dog, Winston, in tow.

As always, our time at Oak Island was just about perfect.

Highlights include:

  • Spending much of Saturday afternoon either sitting nearby or walking alongside this loveliness:

photo (3)

  • Watching all of Season One of HBO’s Girls, which is not only awesomely quotable (“Obvi WE’RE the ladies!”) but also just plain awesome. Now if only I had HBO so I could watch Season Two! (Also, Lena Dunham created, wrote, produced, AND starred in this show. And she’s a year younger than me. I sure do feel accomplished!)

girls lead

  • Reading Sharp Objects, a novel written by Gillian Flynn who also penned Gone Girl.  If you were a fan of Gone Girl (which I LOVED), I highly recommend you give this one a read as well. That Gillian sure does like writing about some, um, strange gals. And I love her for it. (Next book in my Kindle queue: Dark Places, also by Flynn. I’ll report back.)


  • Getting to witness Winston’s first beach trip. He did great, but was pretty uninterested in the water itself. (It was pretty chilly — I don’t blame him!):


photo (2)

  • Finally — for the first time ever — watching The Shining (and loving it). I especially enjoyed seeing Shelley Duvall in another role besides that of narrator in Shelley Duvall’s Fairie Tale Theatre, which I was pretty much obsessed with as a kid (and even wrote about while I was at Paste magazine.):

images (1)

I miss you already, Oak Island! Can’t wait to visit again soon.


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