Pure Barre – My New Workout Obsession

I’ve been aware of Pure Barre for about three-ish years now. Several of the girls in my sorority have opened franchises and I’ve also written about it for both the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Winston-Salem Journal, so it’s definitely been on my radar for a while. But now — thanks to a gift certificate Kevin got me for a month of unlimited classes — I’ve started attending Pure Barre classes in the new studio here in Winston-Salem.

And I’m totally hooked.

Pure Barre is a workout technique that’s kind of a combination of ballet (hence the barre part), pilates, and yoga. It’s meant to specifically target the areas of the body women want to tone the most — abs, arms, thighs, and seat — creating long, lean muscles (think a dancer’s physique). Who wouldn’t want that?


The 55-minute classes are wonderfully challenging. You work each of the four areas of the body individually, doing these tiny little muscle movements that are extremely focused. (Get ready to be SORE afterwards — but the good “I’ve just done something really good for myself” kind of sore.)

I’ve been going to lots of 6 a.m. classes on weekdays, and it’s an awesome way to start my day. I feel like my muscles are so much longer and more awake after each class.

I’ve always felt rather ho-hum about exercise classes in general. I’ve never found one that I absolutely loved — until now! I’m pretty excited about it.

For those of you in the Winston-Salem area, let me know if you want to go to a class at some point! And if you’re not in Winston, check out Pure Barre’s website to see if there’s a studio in your area. (They’re starting to catch on like crazy, so it’s very likely there’s one near you or one about to be open near you.)


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