Hot Sauce Fiend

I love me some hot sauce…

…which is kind of weird, because I didn’t grow up eating spicy food at all. I’m not sure exactly when my affinity for more fiery dishes emerged, but I’m certainly all-in at this point.


To help achieve a solid spicy factor in lots of foods (although I can absolutely identify with the sentiments of the sassy old woman who’s the face of Frank’s Red Hot), my hot sauce of choice is — hands down — Cholula.


It’s perfect on pretty much anything. Eggs. Pizza. Greens. Veggie burgers. Cous cous. Broccoli. Baked sweet potatoes. Chili. Roasted parsnips. Mac and cheese. Lentil soup. I could go on. Unlike some more watery hot sauce alternatives, Cholula is thicker, with an almost-creamy texture.


I get overly excited when Cholula is among the condiments available at restaurants. (Qdoba always has it, for example. Yum!) Kevin and I purchase it by the Costco-sized mega bottle and go through them alarmingly quickly. I even keep tiny travel-sized bottles of the stuff in my desk at work. They come in so very handy!

I will admit, Frank’s Red Hot is best for wings. And Texas Pete is pretty delicious with French fries. But Cholula — that’s my fave, for sure.

Does anyone else share my Cholula love*?

*Okay, it’s kind bordering on obsession at this point.

One thought on “Hot Sauce Fiend

  1. Cameron shares your Cholula love. He goes through the regular-sized bottles like it’s a carton of milk. My favorite hot sauce is sambal oelek.

    I LOVED the sambal in Terengganu. I’ve never been able to replicate it, but Huy Fong gets me a little closer. I put it in my Asian cooking, but it’s actually my favorite condiment for pizza.

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