“Happiness Is A Warm Puppy” – Peanuts

There’s a puppy at our house.

We’ve been calling him Lincoln (because he’s the color of a penny) and he’s adorable.

Proof of the cuteness:



Lincoln wandered into our lives a couple of weekends ago while Kevin and I were on the way to my company’s holiday party. We were headed to some friends’ house for a pre-party gathering and saw this little guy hanging out on the street. We stopped and picked him up — not quite sure what to do — and checked in with a nearby house to see if he belonged to anyone on the street. No luck finding an owner, but we did find two guys who lived on the street and were willing to watch the pup while we went to our party. And so, after we’d danced to our hearts’ content, we stopped back by and picked up pup-pup.


We checked for a microchip (none to be found) and scoured the interwebs in search of missing puppy listings that seemed to meet his description. Nothing. It didn’t seem like anyone was looking for this guy.

Meanwhile, Fulton was becoming attached. He loves Lincoln, and is so gentle with him when they play. It’s been cute watching Fulton be so sweet. We’ve been so proud of our tiger dog!

fulton and pup

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks weighing our options and trying to determine if keeping the puppy (who we think is 10-12 weeks old and at least part pit bull) is right for us. In the meantime, we’ve started to acclimate to life with a baby dog. He started doing well in his crate and has already learned how to sit. He’s taking lots of cues from Fulton, which is a huge help.

Needless to say, there have been lots of snuggles happening at our house lately.


Neither Kevin nor I have ever had a puppy — we’ve always adopted dogs when they’ve been six months old or older — and so we’ve been performing lots of Google searches, asking experienced friends for advice, and trying to learn as we go. Please feel free to send any puppy-training tips our way!

Though we’re not sure if we’ll be keeping Lincoln for the long term, we sure are enjoying him for now.

Over and out — time for some more canine snuggle time for me!

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